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Since 1992, Symet has been developing and building test systems for flow measurement technology. The close cooperation with our customers and the constant further development guarantee testing technology of the highest standard, which meets the high national and international requirements.
In addition to new plants, we have specialized in the modernization of existing plants. Thanks to our modular, PC-supported control technology, we are able to upgrade almost every test stand.

Single test benches and Preadjusting benches

Serial benches

Test benches for bulk meter

Heat meter test equipments

Software and control systems



After successfully completing a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on fluid mechanics and 14 years of industrial experience in product and development management for flow measurement and testing machine engineering, Dipl. Ing. Günter Wawretschka founded the company Symet System- und Messtechnik in 1992.

The entry in the commercial register was carried out under the registration number HRA 603-WI at Wiesloch district court and is today registered under registration number A 350603 at the Mannheim District Court.

Solid test bench construction, which was developed using state-of-the-art CAD technology, initially shaped customer requirements and quickly helped to establish a solid customer base.


In 1995, Symet participated in the Industrial exhibition in Budapest, which brought the breakthrough and market entry in Eastern Europe.

The PC-based testing technology was intensively developed and expanded during these years. Always oriented and using the latest Windows systems, Symet's control technology is one of the most modern of its kind.

At the same time, international approvals were obtained for Symet test systems, which today guarantee a solid export market.

2004 - 2005

In 2004 and 2005, Symet reached another milestone. The mechanical engineering has been completely reworked and brought to the state of the art.

The product line 4000 was created. Likewise, the software-based control technology took a huge step forward. From now on, the metrological processes are traceable to every detail. In addition, the control technology was separated from the test bench hardware and can now also be retrofitted to existing systems..


In 2007, Symet set another highlight in metrology. NOWA, the testing technology for heat meters, was first integrated into the world of Windows, making it accessible to completely new user-friendliness.


The 3D design not only finds its way into the configuration, but also the process visualization derived from it facilitates the monitoring of the control processes.


Another product line is introduced. With the 5000 series, our customers receive fully automatic systems that still leave nothing to be desired today. All components and procedures involved in the inspection process become transparent and document a verifiable check at any time.


Another milestone complements the series of large metering systems. The 6000 series is born and shines with a remarkable performance in extremely small space requirements.

Fully automated, tests are carried out on a system between 10 l / h and 500m³ / h, in cold and warm operation and in a closed circuit. Built on one level, neither a high tank nor a basement with reservoir is required.